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Truth as Ive Lived It

I dont always look at myself

before I leave in the morning.

Mostly because

She saw something in the mirror that terrified her:
her fathers face.

Some days,

Im in front of the mirror

And I stare

and I stare
and I stare

And I am an astronaut

floating farther

and farther


While my body is in a place that I dont quite understand

You have to fight for yourself

But I don’t know if I can always keep up the fight

by myself

Find my self-worth

in other people validating my body as
good enough, as trans enough

And the thing is,

I want that.
I want it so, so bad.

But then. Im back in my own skin.

I fix my hair and my face

so my day can begin.

And then,

there are other days

Where I look and actually


And I know that I can be

anything you want.

And let everyone else stare

for a while.

Some days, I am dangerous
and want you to know.

Beautiful, powerful, untouchable,

Most days, I am just me,
whatever that means.

To blur between bodies

Not male,
Not female,

Not quite.


its exhausting.
But not impossible.

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