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Time Dilation, or Time is a Fuck

Time is valuable 
A commodity that can be
Has been
And continues to be exploited
It’s only when it’s against us that time seems to move too fast or too slow
Time is not on your side
When we talk about queer and trans time, it’s only a joke because we know that sometimes our lives don’t start before 20, or 30, or 40
The rest is shameful
Time has been weaponized by the state
Time is not
on your side
Everytime you sit in your room and think about how you hate not having enough time to do what you want to do? 
That’s because time fucking hates you
and thinks that it’s your fault that you’re poor and haven’t found that job that would give you enough money to live without hating yourself for not being able to buy things
Everytime you stare at the clock thinking about how this shitty work day seems to take an eternity
It’s because the capitalists bought the concept of time,  and drag it out or cut it depending on which makes you feel worse and then sold it back to you 
If the minute hand of the clock is 6 inches long, can you figure out how long the tip of the minute hand moves to fuck you in 4 full rotations?
Even though we are all at the mercy of the universe
And time comes for us all eventually
Time came to Jeff Bezos and the NYPD and your one abusive ex and said “how can we make everyone feel miserable?” 
And eventually you will die
And it will be time’s fault
Fuck you

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