The History and Importance of SfSx: An Interview with Tina Horn


(Originally published on Women Write About Comics: ) When I sat down to have this interview with Tina Horn, it immediately felt like just a free-flowing conversation. Tina was calling in from her new apartment in LA and we got to talk about the different communities that we’re both a part of right now in pandemic times, and the struggles of trying to work when you can’t leave your house. Tina is...

Joan Zahra Dark

Hi! I'm Joan Zahra Dark, currently one of the worker-owners of Bluestockings Cooperative, a bookstore and community space based in the Lower East Side of NYC. I'm a writer and public speaker for my job and in my free time as well as a critic on various websites alongside this one! I love talking about queer comics, trans speculative fiction and why we all want to bang and/or be robots!

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