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A Family Affair


Dad’s face is in the newspaper The newspaper was in the basement that I moved into after 20 years Complete with a layer of dust that complimented everything else that was abandoned there I’m in the newspaper I can only barely read it but I recognize a photo of me kicking through a board and looking like I’m about to hit someone in the face with my bare foot I guess I’m...

Saturday in January


I want to feel the wind against my face I want to feel the wind blowing against me, strong and unyielding I want to feel the wind as it pushes itself through my fingertips as I walk With the wind blowing so forcefully through my hands that it feels like I could clench my fist and hold it there And save it for a summer day When I feel like I need that strength I want to feel my boots crunch...

Truth as Ive Lived It


I dont always look at myself before I leave in the morning. Mostly because She saw something in the mirror that terrified her: her fathers face. Some days, Im in front of the mirror And I stare and I stare and I stare And I am an astronaut floating farther and farther away While my body is in a place that I dont quite understand Yet You have to fight for yourself But I don’t know if I can...

Joan Zahra Dark

Hi! I'm Joan Zahra Dark, currently one of the worker-owners of Bluestockings Cooperative, a bookstore and community space based in the Lower East Side of NYC. I'm a writer and public speaker for my job and in my free time as well as a critic on various websites alongside this one! I love talking about queer comics, trans speculative fiction and why we all want to bang and/or be robots!

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