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White Supremacy Can Not be Separated from the United States


Or The Necropolitical Death Loop of State Sanctioned White Supremacy To call our current moment a time when state sanctioned inciting of violence is a regular occurrence would be an understatement. In the wake of a recent shooting in Buffalo, we’re now facing down a string of mass murders made by white supremacists who believe themselves to be righting a wrong of marginalized people...

re: trans day of visibility


I have so many mixed feelings about this day. To say that trans people only have one day or a week or a month to be visible undersells that we have always been here, and we have been fighting to be visible for a long time. Even before we had strict Western conceptions of gender, our ancestors have shown how fluid physical expression can really be. And visibility has also come at the loss of life...

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Hi! I'm Joan Zahra Dark, currently one of the worker-owners of Bluestockings Cooperative, a bookstore and community space based in the Lower East Side of NYC. I'm a writer and public speaker for my job and in my free time as well as a critic on various websites alongside this one! I love talking about queer comics, trans speculative fiction and why we all want to bang and/or be robots!

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