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A Family Affair

Dad’s face is in the newspaper
The newspaper was in the basement that I moved into after 20 years
Complete with a layer of dust that complimented everything else that was abandoned there
I’m in the newspaper
I can only barely read it but I recognize a photo of me kicking through a board and looking like I’m about to hit someone in the face with my bare foot
I guess I’m supposed to be proud of that
Dad is on TV
Or at least, he was on TV but it’s in black and white so it doesn’t exactly look like it’s from this century
Talk to him for more than an hour and he’ll tell you exactly how he got to be in a movie one of his friends was making
Not that he can remember the name of it, but he’ll definitely tell you he was in it with a big grin
When he’s not listing off his own accomplishments, he’ll just shower you with everything that he can say his “son” has done
“My son has a black belt!
He plays a lot of good music, so proud of HIM!”
These stories are easy to rattle off, and they make up for anything that’s happened recently that’s harder to talk about
Like this one time where he walked in on me having sex
Because he really wanted to bring us a bowl of grapes
He still doesn’t knock
I’m going to be in the newspaper again soon
This is just one of many times that I’m required to share myself with people
“Hey, I’m using another name now! Please try and be respectful or I’ll probably never see you again”
“Hey, I 
Mom is in the newspaper
Mother to one very bratty child
Who should have known better

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